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There’s a wide array of day-to-day concerns involved in managing a construction business, as contractors need to have a full understanding of what’s happening with each of their projects. This often includes not only managing a crew but keeping a mental timetable on completion goals, monitoring budgets, and staying on top of future bidding opportunities.

Below are some of the examples of Construction Marketing that Shop Savvy Direct Mail provides.


    Contractors provide a service that is visually appealing and its imperative to showcase your work whether before and after or new construction. Shop Savvy Direct Mail helps provide that extra pizazz for your brand.

    We know what it takes to run a business – and at the end of the day there shouldn’t be much time for you to come up with the artistic process, that’s where we come in.

    Our team of experienced artists and graphic designers work together with our EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) department to understand the significance of creating a distinctive brand identity and most importantly how to get it in front of prospective customers. Done right, your artwork is a powerful magnet attracting your ideal customers and clients. If this is done wrong, you’ll send them running to your competitors. Cheap overseas graphics may save you now, but they’ll cost you in the long run.

    EDDM USPS Tampa


    Our process is clean, just like our designs.

    Your initial design concepts are based on the construction services you provide. We work together with you so that we can deliver compelling print strategies. Our goal is to give you the highest quality, custom graphic design for the most reasonable price. We never use shortcuts, clip-art, or templates like many online companies that use cookie-cutter designs.

    Every piece of marketing material is designed with your services and brand in mind. All designs are created in-house by our US-based team.

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    Direct Mail Marketing in Orlando

    Take some time by telling us exactly what you want.

    Our talented team of designers are amazing in every way (and modest too!) – but we aren’t mind readers.

    We’ll also provide you with industry trends & insight to help you gain that competitive edge. This industry research and competitive analysis is important – especially if you decide to trademark your final design.

    This is when we get the ball rolling!

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    Construction Marketing

    Construction Marketing with Custom Artwork!

    Upon completion of your new graphic design, many wonder about what to do next. While you are provided with files that are 100% ready to use for print or web, you might need some more guidance. Here are a few ideas that can help you decide…

    Other Uses For Your Artwork

    Since 2006, we’ve designed artwork and graphics in every style, for just about every type of construction industry, and all across Florida and the United States. We approach each project from the ground up. We learn about your company and its mission to establish a professional, memorable, and unique visual identity.

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