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What is EDDM?

Customer acquisition is an important priority for all businesses, regardless of their size or stage. There are many ways to convert potential customers. It is crucial to choose the most effective and efficient marketing strategy.

Every Door Direct Mail(r), (EDDM(r),) is a great way for businesses to reach specific audiences, particularly those in their immediate vicinity.

What is EDDM?

USPS(r), a service that allows businesses to send a targeted mail to specific households in the U.S.

Businesses can use an online mapping tool to choose postal routes within certain ZIP Codes. This allows them to leverage U.S. Census data about age, household income, and household size to hyper-target customers. The mailpiece will be delivered to any household that falls within the targeted profile.

This process removes the need to compile or purchase a customer list. Businesses are therefore free from unnecessary costs and inaccuracies. It also opens up a business’s reach: Any household that meets the criteria is eligible for EDDM.


    What is EDDM For?

    EDDM is designed for local businesses that have a pool of potential customers. It is particularly effective for those who work to:

    • Attract new customers, particularly in a particular area
    • Increase awareness about a particular location
    • Traffic to your location via foot, online or on-site
    • Marketing is a smart investment

    Direct mail is an easy way to reach high-potential clients in a cost-effective way. 69% of respondents to the survey said they almost always read mail advertisements. 9X response rates compared to the 1% response rate for email and paid search.

    Learn how the EDDM tool works and then continue reading for tips and tricks on using this direct mail service.

    The Business Benefit

    EDDM assists businesses in driving awareness and traffic to their local communities to create a strong customer base.

    This method works well for both new and established local businesses. EDDM can be used by new businesses to tell their stories and expand their reach to the local community. Established businesses can also use it to spread the word to other communities or to promote new products.

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    3 Reasons Why you should use EDDM USPS

    1. More customers

    EDDM can be a great way to boost your business in key areas.

    It pays to get the word out locally for a business that is looking to increase sales and attract new customers, or for an established business that wants to grow its customer base. These are two examples of successful case studies.

    A franchise car wash with eight locations in Virginia used EDDM for new customers and to encourage them to come to the closest location. This campaign resulted in a 20% increase in sales.

    After using EDDM and digital advertising, a Colorado fast-food restaurant was able to see a 7 percent increase on sales.

    Targeted messages sent to potential customers within your local community can help increase your market share.

    2. Stronger Returns

    Rather than spending money on a mailing list that is out of date and expensive, EDDM allows businesses the opportunity to connect with consumers in a specific area through data-driven strategies.

    The message will reach the greatest number of potential customers by targeting the right demographics in a given geographic area. Data analytics can increase your chances of a high ROI. Here’s how one company did it:

    An EDDM mailing was used by an office of a real estate agent to reach high-net worth households in order to market their luxury realty business. An EDDM mailing costing them less than $500 netted them a listing for a lakefront property worth $2.5 million.

    Your investment will be more successful if you can reach your target audience.

    3. Increased consumer interest

    Many businesses that use EDDM are driven by awareness and interest. A business may reach its ideal market by using demographic and geographical data.

    An EDDM was used by a manufacturer of packaging solutions to recruit entry-level talent at one of their facilities. They targeted a group of people based on their location, age, and household income and found that 90% were interviewed via mailpiece.

    A business may be able to identify a business’s needs and use the demographic and geographical filters to help it find the right people to meet its goals.

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    Tips and Considerations for Using EDDM


    Many businesses see significant benefits from EDDM. This checklist will help you optimize your mail mix to meet your marketing goals.

    First, decide if EDDM direct mail is the right option.

    Are you able to identify your target audience?

    Are you looking to reach your target audience within a particular geographic area?

    If so, EDDM may not be the best option. Consider other direct mail options.

    These questions have been answered. Use this advice from USPS printing partners and mailing partners to create an effective direct mail campaign using EDDM.

    • Be careful about what message you choose. Although a direct mail piece may only target one household member, it is important to ensure that other members aren’t left out or marginalized by the message.
    • Include a call to action or offer. Direct mail is used to encourage action. Don’t forget to tell what the action should be. Include a clear CTA and a timely offer. This will help you measure the effectiveness and return on your piece.
    • Get in touch with a designer. Direct mail pieces should look professional and reflect the business. To communicate your message and vision clearly, hire a designer or creative team.
    • To measure success, you need to measure the results. Any marketing campaign needs to measure success metrics, such as visits, referrals and code redemptions. Set up a tracking system to monitor the campaign’s success and determine its effectiveness before you send it.
    • You might consider creating multiple touchpoints for your campaign. It could be helpful to look at the larger picture, depending on what campaign is being used to drive business results. You can send mail multiple times per month to create a long-term campaign.

     Don’t Forget to Drive Traffic Online

    Although this article is primarily focused on mail marketing, it’s likely that direct mail will be a thing of the past. That’s okay, because changing times require changing tactics. Some business owners opt to throw out mail marketing altogether. However, it is possible to cut down on the amount of mail marketing and direct recipients to your online business front.

    It is a simple, inexpensive way to encourage people to follow your business on social media. You can also host an online sale using coupon codes that you send via mail. QR codes allow for small freebies, and additional entries in contests hosted on your website. These are great ways to give your direct mail a strong call-to-action and drive traffic to your online presence, which will continue to grow in importance over the years.

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