Get MORE visibility for your brand with Real Estate Flyers.
Shop Savvy Direct Mail takes great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality product and unparalleled level of support possible. Our real estate flyers are designed by experts who specialize in working closely with real estate professionals to assist you in creating the perfect Real Estate flyers that promote your agency and your listings.

The first step in creating your real estate flyer is to work together with our inhouse design team. Cookie cutter templates are not used at Shop Savvy Direct Mail for any of our marketing materials including for Real Estate Postcards and EDDM USPS (Every Door Direct Mail).


    Ways to use Real Estate Flyers to market your business.

    The most common usage for realtor print marketing are for Open Houses, Property Listings, FSBO, Expired Listings, Investor and We Buy Houses, or any other type of flyer you can imagine. We have the perfect real estate flyers to suit all of your realtor print marketing needs.

    Using High-Quality Images is key to getting a better response for your print marketing material. There are many different ways to reach your target market and goals with real estate flyers and door hangers. If you plan on using Shop Savvy Direct Mail to create real estate flyers you can supply your own images of the property, realtor, and combine them with custom graphics we create and a large selection of realty-related stock photos to tell a compelling story. Using high-quality images in your flyers helps ensure you maintain that professional look you are looking for.


    Real Estate Flyers
    Real Estate Flyers


    We will make your real estate flyer using your company branding, colors, and logo to maintain your brand accordingly. If you want to be an industry leader in the world of Florida real estate. You’ll need an effective print marketing strategy. This means, first and foremost, effective marketing materials. A truly strong real estate campaign will combine the latest in print marketing techniques. These types of strategies have proven to be more effective than digital advertising for realtors.
    Real Estate Flyers
    Real Estate Postcards


    EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)
    Get MORE visibility for your brand with EDDM USPS direct mail advertising. ShopSavvy Direct Mail uses custom-designed postcards that are fast, affordable, and a highly effective way to get noticed in your marketing and attract more qualified leads and better opportunities to convert them to customers.

    Brochures are an effective and cost-efficient way of spreading information about the realty market, the benefits of your brand, and the services you provide. Brochures can be any size, meaning there’s plenty of space to include detailed information. As such, they perform especially well with customers that already have some interest in or knowledge of real estate. People who are looking for houses, or more information about the property market, will jump at the chance to read a brochure from a reputable business. What’s more, a good brochure doesn’t even feel like an advert, because it’s so useful. Brochures can be full of information and beautifully designed. Try using eye-catching colors, clear text, and a minimalist aesthetic for the best results. You can also check out this blog article to know which are the most popular types of brochures.


    Real Estate Postcard marketing is an effective and fun way to spread your message. Postcards are an innovative twist on traditional direct mail materials, which are perfectly suited to the realty industry. Leading with a single image of a property is a bold and simple strategy that’s hugely impactful. With limited space for information, focus on what you have to offer, the properties you’ve sold in the area, and the properties you currently have for sale in their neighborhood. Postcards can be used to do the job of flyers, but in a way that feels fresh and original.


    A real estate sign is not simply a way of letting people know that a property is up for sale – it’s a highly effective way of boosting your brand visibility in a local area. The great thing about real estate signs is that, as far as the consumer is concerned, they’re already serving a purpose, so they don’t read as adverts. Putting up real estate signs is effectively an opportunity to implement a localized marketing campaign. As such, it is crucial that your realtor signs are high quality and well designed. A bad sign is suggestive of a bad company, but a good sign will send prospective customers straight to your business.


    Door hangers are a must-have real estate marketing tool. They’re perfect for direct advertising in an open house, conveying information about the property, and reinforcing your brand image. You can hang them on the front doors of your target customers, or hang them on the doors of properties that are up for sale so that people can take them away if they want more information. When it comes to design, bright colors and bold text are the way to go. Given the limited space, a simple, minimalist aesthetic will go a long way.

    Real Estate Flyers
    Real Estate Flyers

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