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Long gone are the days of outdated direct mail. Now, according to this post, sophisticated targeting lets you send more specific messages to individuals with similar interests and demographic profiles. This type of approach has enabled marketers to become much more precise about who they are talking to, which has enabled them to do a better job of providing relevant content that may actually be read.

 Targeted Audience: Direct mail advertising allows any business to pinpoint likely prospective customers according to specific demographics (location, age, income, family size, etc).

 Inexpensive: EDDM USPS Direct mail costs way less than advertising on TV, in magazines, or on the radio.

 Track: EDDM USPS Direct mail’s success is measurable. You know exactly how many were sent and can track how many bring in new leads and listing prospects.

 Quick: EDDM USPS Design, proof, print and mail your postcards within minutes. Direct mail allows agents to save time so they can focus on what they do best.


    Find out how EDDM USPS can help you target an audience more likely to convert!

    The USPS is among the world’s largest postal services, doing business in America and other countries. The Universal Service Obligation (USO) that governs what the Postal Service can do says it must provide service to everyone at affordable prices. The USPS considers anyone who lives or owns a business inside the boundaries of their ZIP Code areas to be a customer, regardless of whether or not they have a physical mailing address. This allows the USPS to deliver anywhere since “there’s no place that is truly off-limits to us.” In December 2008, the Postal Service put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an Alternate Access Mailing System to improve the accuracy of their deliveries to those who do not have a traditional address. This would allow them to deliver directly to both homes and businesses regardless of location, as long as there was a willing participant. The RFP stated that “USPS supports this initiative provided an alternate access site meets the following minimally acceptable standards: The site must be in a central location in the defined geographic area, easily accessible during normal business hours; The site must allow curbside access for postal vehicles; there must be 6′ of clearance of the vehicle on either side for drivers passing through make turns. Side-building (drive-through) sites are not feasible; The site must have a phone/data line and electricity; The site must maintain public liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

    “The chosen location for the Alternate Access Site cannot accept U.S. Postal Service mail delivery via the postal unit. All USPS mail is delivered only through Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) routes.”

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    The EDDM program is a simple, cost-effective way for businesses to reach out to potential clients in their local neighborhoods. Every Door Direct Mail allows a business mailer to drop off their postcards at the post office instead of going door-to-door themselves. Every Door Direct Mail is available in the EDDM format, which is exactly what it sounds like. EDDM allows direct mail to be delivered via standard letter carrier routes instead of expensive, specially designed mailers. EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale

    Since EDDM offers the same amount of coverage at a fraction of the cost, it makes sense that EDDM is becoming more and more popular. EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale

    So EDDM is a relatively inexpensive way for the average business to get their marketing materials out there. Still, EDDM has its own set of rules and guidelines that need to be followed to work effectively. EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale

    First off, EDDM is a service of the USPS. EDDM is not a form of junk mail or spam, no matter how you look at it.

    EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale
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    EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale
    EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale

    Grow your business and profits with EDDM USPS

    The only official EDDM guidelines are that there must be a minimum of 200 homes or businesses for each density zone. Therefore, if you live in a less populated area with only a few homes and buildings, EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale may not be available since EDDM zones need to be well populated.

    EDDM requires that the mailer has access to each location to receive their postcards, which means that EDDM USPS is best suited for businesses who already have some access to their locations. However, EDDM is so popular that certain mailers have figured out around the 200 household minimum, but this has raised some red flags with the EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale.

    The 199 home loophole was discovered when someone noticed that although EDDM USPS is supposed to have a minimum of 200 homes or businesses, it was possible to send EDDM postcards out there with only 199 homes.

    This loophole has been further strengthened because most people do not keep track of how many households they are sending EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale EDDM postcards. EDDM USPS has a 200 household minimum in the first place because EDDM postcards can be expensive to print and mail.


    For all of our clients we want transparency to be as important as customer service. Our clients after each mailing receive a time-stamped 8125 or 3602 mailing receipt from the USPS for each of their mailings. Our clients also have the ability to place a tracking number in each one of their mailing campaigns to determine the ROI on each campaign by reviewing how many calls come in after their Direct Mail piece was received in the homes or businesses.


    Since we are a full-service company, we provide excellent and timely mailing services for our clients locally, regionally, and nationally. This is an important factor for all mailings that our clients feel secure that their Direct Mail Postcard, Newsletter, or Mailed Letters should arrive ON TIME, especially if it is time-sensitive.

    EDDM USPS Fort Lauderdale
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