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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a strategy used by marketers to engage prospects and customers offline by sending printed mailers, dimensional packages, perishable items, corporate swag, or other physical items. It is leveraged in a variety of ways by marketers of all types, including inbound and outbound sales teams, marketing departments, demand generation teams, growth teams, recruiters, and more. Direct mail marketing is a valuable way to connect with prospects, leads, and clients in a meaningful way.

With the rise of print media over the past few decades, marketers have increasingly turned to the power of print communication to reach wider audiences that are targeted. It makes sense: Consumers have always strived to want to hold or touch something when it comes to marketing material.  As a result, consumers have experienced a surge in print marketing.

This explosion in print marketing has caused a correlated increase in more demand for print marketing materials. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they feel overwhelmed by email advertising and actually don’t even view it anymore.  

With an increased aversion to print advertising, marketers find themselves in fierce competition for attention, trying to serve an increasingly weary (and wary) digital audience. Rising above the noise is becoming more difficult. In response to this, an increasing number of marketers are sending their message where it can be clearly received—namely, to a physical mailbox whether residential or business.


    Why Direct Mail Marketing Works

    It works because unlike the digital clutter we’ve come to avoid, direct mail marketing taps into the positive psychology of receiving a physical gift. Direct mail marketing is a useful component of an overall marketing campaign because:

    Direct mail is perhaps most memorable for the human touch; a handwritten note or a personally chosen item can create positive emotional connections, more so than a standardized corporate gift.

    Because of this tactile engagement, direct mail marketing enjoys a response rate 30x higher than the most powerful digital channel, email. It has the power to boost ROI by 20% as part of an integrated campaign.

    Direct mail is also notable for its rarity—with far fewer companies committing budget to tactile marketing. For this reason, a direct mail marketing item stands out from the crowd.

    Direct mail creates limitless possibilities to delight and entertain recipients. Through a Sending Platform, marketers can deliver a variety of creatively presented items: handwritten cards, innovative swag items, personalized gifts, sweets & treats, gift cards, experience tickets, and more.



    Contractor Marketing Services
    Contractor Marketing Services

    Creating a Direct Mail Campaign

    Direct mail campaign is highly valuable in terms of time and budget; however, implementing direct mail manually entails management of quite a few moving parts—namely in cost, packaging, and shipping. Fortunately, with some careful planning and a mindful approach, you can reap the rewards of a well-designed direct mail marketing campaign without breaking the bank or creating havoc in your reporting.

    The results of direct mail marketing are compelling—it has the power to create direct connections with your most valuable contacts, with high response rates for relatively low investment. By implementing a few key tips and practices into your marketing strategy, you will be able to take full advantage of direct mail’s merits, and delight recipients with targeted, personalized offers that convert.

    The manual process requires: campaign planning and design; sourcing and/or designing gift items, packing materials, and printed collateral; management of warehousing, tracking, shipment, delivery, response, and follow up; and demonstrating ROI after the send.

    Real Estate Postcards
    Real Estate Postcards
    direct mail marketing
    Contractor Marketing Services

    Direct Mail Marketing Costs

    The individual costs of a direct mail marketing campaign can vary considerably and might mushroom in the absence of a strong plan and budget. While sourcing an item is an important investment, the overall cost goes far beyond picking a piece to send. Some other components to consider in your marketing campaign include: The cost of printing for collateral and personalized printed items such as note cards; the cost of design for printed collateral and personalization; the cost of packaging; the price of shipping for each package; and the human capital invested in manually performing shipping, tracking, follow-up, and reporting processes.

    These investments are often better made together with a direct mail marketing expert. They will know the ins and outs which can save as many as 40 hours for a campaign, while aggregating campaign data and results in a streamlined format. To learn more about budgeting for your direct mail marketing costs, call Shop Savvy today.

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    Direct Mail Marketing


    For all of our clients we want transparency to be as important as customer service. Our clients after each mailing receive a time-stamped 8125 or 3602 mailing receipt from the USPS for each of their mailings. Our clients also have the ability to place a tracking number in each one of their mailing campaigns to determine the ROI on each campaign by reviewing how many calls come in after their Direct Mail piece was received in the homes or businesses.


    Since we are a full-service company, we provide excellent and timely mailing services for our clients locally, regionally, and nationally. This is an important factor for all mailings that our clients feel secure that their Direct Mail Postcard, Newsletter, or Mailed Letters should arrive ON TIME, especially if it is time-sensitive.

    direct mail marketing
    direct mail marketing

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