Get MORE visibility for your brand with EDDM USPS direct mail advertising.
ShopSavvy Direct Mail uses custom-designed postcards that are fast, affordable, and a highly effective way to get noticed in your marketing and attract more qualified leads and better opportunities to convert them to customers. 

 Targeted Audience: Direct mail advertising allows any business to pinpoint likely prospective customers according to specific demographics (location, age, income, family size, etc).

 Inexpensive: EDDM USPS Direct mail costs way less than advertising on TV, in magazines, or on the radio.

 Track: EDDM USPS Direct mail’s success is measurable. You know exactly how many were sent and can track how many bring in new leads and listing prospects.

 Quick: EDDM USPS Design, proof, print and mail your postcards within minutes. Direct mail allows agents to save time so they can focus on what they do best.


    Ways to use direct mail to market your properties and yourself

    Are you a campaign manager or political candidate looking to drastically increase your winning chances? Shop Savvy has the proven marketing strategies and solutions you are looking for!
    Proven political direct mail marketing campaigns for candidates and organizations who want their message in the hands of voters.
    Leverage our experienced marketing experts, in-house data, graphic design, printing, mail processing and postal logistics for successful direct marketing campaigns with quantifiable ROI.



    • State Republican and Democrat Parties & Affiliated Committees
    • Federal, State, County & Local Candidates
    • 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(6), and 527 Organizations
    • Civically Engaged Corporations
    • Political Action Committees
    • Trade Associations and Public Relations Firms


    Shop Savvy’s integrated marketing services allow for complete control of your promotional campaign from concept to delivery in homes. Quickly launch new direct mail promotions and omnichannel marketing campaigns with the accuracy and control required for success.

    Political Direct Mail Companies
    Political Direct Mail Companies


    Marketing Strategy
    Marketing experts work with you to customize powerful strategies and solutions aimed at generating measurable results.

    Data Services
    Allows for better list segmentation, demographics, audience targeting, personalization, and post-campaign analysis.

    Creative Services
    Capture the attention and interest of the targeted audience with a striking design and format that elicits urgency and action.

    Customize one of our proven top-performing political direct mail formats with your branding, messaging, and special offers. Or work with our creative and print team to craft unique mail pieces that are designed to drive maximum response – just for you.
    Our marketing experts will help you choose from many stocks and finishes, oversized pieces, folds, die-cuts, tipped and perforated gift cards, wafer seals, scratch-offs and others to make your piece unique and campaign memorable.

    Political Direct Mail Companies
    Real Estate Postcards
    Political Direct Mail Companies
    Political Direct Mail Companies

    Political Mail And Voter Response Stats

    • People check their mail at the first opportunity, which is nearly every day. You can reach your voters in a timely fashion without being forgotten.
    • 86% of people go through the mail and make sure that nothing of value is being thrown out.
    • 73% of people prefer direct mail over other marketing channels.
    • Mail may be the best way to share new information about you as a candidate or an issue.
    • 82% want to know where the candidate stands on issues.
    • 74% want a contrast with an opponent on issues.
    • 73% want to know a candidate’s voting record and any past statements made.
    • 60% want to see a list of who endorses the candidate.

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    What makes Shop Savvy’s approach especially powerful are industry experts that truly understand your industry, its unique dynamics and how to drive dependable RESULTS.
    Shop Savvy’s direct marketing experts make it easy. They’ve worked for years helping businesses just like yours bring in new leads while increasing customer loyalty.
    We’ll work with you to identify and target only the right customers and prospects, in the right area, with the right carrier routes, at just the right time!
    And we’ll show you the RESULTS.

    Political Direct Mail Companies
    Real Estate Postcards

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