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Shop Savvy’s direct mail services in Miami, Florida, will help you increase sales and get the right message to people.

Direct mail remains an effective and relevant marketing strategy. Studies show that direct mail is a trusted media channel and 90% of it gets opened. Shop Savvy can help you make the most of this by creating a direct mail strategy that will reach your target audience.

These are the top reasons that companies of all sizes choose Shop Savvy’s printing services for direct mail:

  • Direct mail printing is a cost-effective option. Direct mail printing is a cost-effective option that provides a higher ROI than other marketing strategies.
  • It’s personal. Direct mail printing companies offer a variety of customization options that can make every message feel unique.
  • It stimulates the senses. Direct mail is tangible and gives your audience something to keep.
  • It’s flexible. It integrates seamlessly with your digital marketing strategies.
  • It’s measurable. To measure the success of direct mail campaigns, there are many ways to track their effectiveness.


    Personalized Content: Create Your Own Campaign and Piece

    Personalized variable data mail pieces are becoming an increasingly important part of direct mail campaigns.

    Ever received an email or piece of mail addressed to “valued client”? It’s not exactly inspiring to go down the sales funnel if you are asked for your business by a company that doesn’t bother to get to know your name. This is why personalized mail pieces can be used to avoid this when potential and current customers interact with you online.

    You can automatically create personalized mail pieces for each recipient by using a web address. This usually includes their name and other personal information.

    A personalized piece not only gives your recipients a way to respond but also allows you to track real-time data. You can track who responds as soon as they click on the link or type their PURL into their computer. You can also send it to your salesperson immediately for follow-up.


    Direct Mail Marketing Miami FL
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    Creating a Direct Mail Campaign

    Shop Savvy can be your one-stop-shop for all things direct mail marketing. We can help you plan and manage direct mail campaigns from start to finish. Our team will help you identify your target audience, build your mailing lists, design eye-catching mail designs, print your direct mail materials, and even collate and assemble them. Our state-of-the-art printing technology will produce professional results. You can also rely on our mailing services for meeting your delivery deadlines. Are you looking for flyers or brochures to be used in direct mail campaigns? We offer flyer and brochure printing services.

    Direct mail campaigns are a powerful way to increase brand exposure and sales. However, it can be challenging to manage all types of mailing campaigns while simultaneously running your business. Shop Savvy offers streamlined mailing services for Miami, Florida. This makes it easy to plan and manage direct mail services. Shop Savvy is your one-stop provider that can manage all your mailing services.

    We can help you get your next direct mailing campaign in the mail stream quickly and into the hands of the right people with our various services:

    • Address verification: This allows you to verify the validity and delivery ability of physical postal addresses.
    • Bar Coding: This allows you to track individual mail pieces.
    • Collating: Preparing your mail pieces for shipping by placing them in an order.
    • Direct Addressing: This allows you to print addresses and names of recipients on all mail pieces at a cost-efficient price.
    • Every Door Direct Mail(r),: This service uses map zip codes and neighborhood to allow you to filter by income, age, or size using U.S. Census data.
    • Fulfillment and inventory
    • Mailing list management and purchase: Manages and sources your mailing lists to make sure your mail reaches the right recipients.
    • Postal discounts
    • Sealing and Pre-sorting: The mail is sealed and then grouped by zip code. This results in lower postage costs.
    • Tabbing: This allows you to increase mailer effectiveness and reduce postage costs.
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    Direct Mail Marketing Miami FL
    Direct Mail Marketing Miami FL

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    Direct Mail Marketing Miami FL

    What is Direct Mail?

    Direct mail is a simple way to advertise your product or service. You send a letter, card, or self-mailer to a residential address. Direct mail advertising is a trusted and proven way to get your business noticed. The idea of direct mail advertising is straightforward, but there are many variations. It can be easier to choose the right printing house and mail house for your direct mail needs.

    Direct mail is back in fashion! Recent research has shown that direct mail campaigns are five times more effective at generating sales than email campaigns. Marketing is not just about direct mail. This study also found that direct mail combined with email campaigns resulted in a six-fold increase in purchase rates than email campaigns on their own. Shop Savvy has a number of marketing ideas that can help you get started on your path to success.

    Mailing services for businesses can sometimes be confusing because of the many rules and regulations. Small businesses and individuals can find presort mail software expensive. Even large corporations, who only use direct mail service occasionally, don’t see the value in spending thousands of dollars on presort mailing software. If you don’t mind paying annually for presorting mailing software, it is smart to use the services of professional presort mailing companies like Shop Savvy. Don’t take chances or play with your presort mailing jobs. Shop Savvy can help you sort out your presort mail jobs by offering direct mail services.

    We offer a wide range of affordable Direct Mailing Services

    We are experts in handling mail, postcards, self-mailers, and brochures. Shop Savvy can help you with your mailing projects by saving you time and effort. We can also handle your monthly statements printing and mailing services at a lower rate than retail postage if you produce them.


    For all of our clients we want transparency to be as important as customer service. Our clients after each mailing receive a time-stamped 8125 or 3602 mailing receipt from the USPS for each of their mailings. Our clients also have the ability to place a tracking number in each one of their mailing campaigns to determine the ROI on each campaign by reviewing how many calls come in after their Direct Mail piece was received in the homes or businesses.


    Since we are a full-service company, we provide excellent and timely mailing services for our clients locally, regionally, and nationally. This is an important factor for all mailings that our clients feel secure that their Direct Mail Postcard, Newsletter, or Mailed Letters should arrive ON TIME, especially if it is time-sensitive.

    Direct Mail Marketing Miami FL
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