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Every Door Direct Mail Advantages

  • Only 20C per card for postage
  • Comparable to a 58C/ postage stamp for Jumbo Postcard
  • A mailing list is not required to be purchased and a postage permit does not need to be obtained
  • Post extra-large postcards at no additional cost
  • You can choose the carrier route and the mail date you want your cards to arrive
  • Local Printing: Our Fort Lauderdale, FL location is available for printing
  • Trust: Great customer service and quality you can trust

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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), a special type of bulk-rate mail, is offered by the US Post Office. The EDDM mailing option is the cheapest way to send direct mail to certain areas. *

Only EDDM Retail Postage available

20C/ per piece

EDDM lets you send mail to customers in the neighborhoods of your choice at a lower rate than with postage stamps and even cheaper than bulk mail.


    What is EDDM For?

    Every Door Direct Mail allows you to send mail to your potential customers in specific neighborhoods. The post office will deliver your printed materials to the addresses you choose. EDDM is similar to regular bulk mail. You can mail to Fort Lauderdale, across Florida, or anywhere else in the country.

    The US Post Office offers two types of EDDM programs:

    EDDM Retail (no permit needed) — Small businesses

    The postage rate is 20C per piece, which is less than the cost for stamps and bulk rate mailage. There are no postage preparation fees. The cards can be delivered to any address along a carrier route. EDDM retail customers may drop off their mail at the local Post Offices. This allows them to receive up to 5,000 pieces of mail per day.

    EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit), — Large volume mailing

    EDDM BMEU has two advantages over EDDM Retail if your company plans to mail large quantities of EDDM postcards. The postage rate for BMEU is 16.8C/ per, which saves you an additional 2.1 cents. There is no limit on how many postcards you can send to BMEU per day. However, it requires your own EDDM permit number.

    Every Door Direct Mail Fort Lauderdale
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    3 Reasons Why you should use EDDM USPS

    1. EDDM is best for businesses that can reach almost anyone within a given area. This includes restaurants, service businesses, churches, and political mailings. EDDM is similar to regular bulk mail. You can mail to Fort Lauderdale, across Florida, or anywhere else in the country. The following are some of the most common businesses and organizations that benefit from Every Door Direct Mail:

      • Restaurants
      • Dentists
      • An attorney
      • Florists
      • Dry Cleaners
      • Political Campaigns
      • Auto Repair
      • CPA’s and Tax Prep
      • Gyms and Fitness
      • Moving & Storage
      • Spas and Salons
      • Insurance agents
      • Car Washes
      • Home Services Businesses
      • Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals
      • Heating & AC / Electricians
      • Churches
      • Realtors

      Every Door Direct Mail offers postage savings for businesses whose main customers are located in the immediate vicinity of their business.

      EDDM allows you to pinpoint your market and the USPS will deliver them directly to each mailbox at a time that you choose. The EDDM mapping tool can be used to select the best zip codes and the carrier route to reach your customers. You can choose routes based on not only the location, but also the average age, income, or household size.

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    EDDM Business Cards

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    Tips and Considerations for Using EDDM

    Step 1: Choose the neighborhoods (carrier routes), that you wish to mail using the EDDM tool.

    Step 2: We print and mail your EDDM postcards

    Step 3: Drop them off at the Post Office and they will deliver them.

    EDDM is a great option for many businesses whose prospects include local residents and businesses within a specific area, such as Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods. The EDDM Tool on the USPS website allows you to choose which zip codes and carrier routes to mail to.

    Disadvantages of EDDM

    EDDM is mailed to all people in a carrier route. This is why it is not a good option if you have very targeted prospects. It is important to consider whether your products and services would appeal to the average household or business in the area. If your company sells pizzas, almost everyone is a potential prospect. Targeted direct mail marketing might work better for narrower companies, such as those that sell medical supplies or diabetic supplies. You will get a higher response rate by only mailing to the households and businesses that match your criteria.

    Targeting Markets With EDDM

    You can target potential customers without having to have a mailing list by carefully selecting your carrier routes. This includes areas with high incomes and lots of children. Many businesses realize that EDDM offers a cost-savings that offsets the fact many people who receive marketing materials are not likely to be buyers. The USPS website provides demographic data about their carrier route selection tool.

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have about EDDM postcards. Contact us today we are happy to help you!

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